Palazzo Investigations provides professional, confidential, ethical, in-depth investigations for
law firms, corporations and individuals.

We offer over 28 years of experience
in the field and the courtroom.

We understand the importance
of your need for
thorough, complete and clear information.

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Personal Injury: From a motor vehicle accident to a slip and fall, we can provide you with a complete investigation to assist your criminal or civil case. We provide witness statements, photo or video documentation, scene examination and evaluation, report gathering and court testimony as needed. Back to top

Wrongful Death:
Over 10 years of experience in the Homicide Division of Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept. has resulted in complex investigations of deaths resulting from murder, suicide, construction accidents, nursing home neglect and medical malpractice. Back to top

Often times it is necessary to actually observe an individual or business to prove a case. We are professionals who understand the techniques and know how to blend into an area, making our presence unknown to our target, thereby allowing for documentation of suspected activity. Back to top

Photo/Video Documentation:
One of the most important ways to document evidence or scene conditions. Over time, the elements, weather or contamination will change an object. Properly photographed documentation can often be used in court proceedings to assist in your case. Back to top

Evidence Gathering:
Physical evidence can be crucial in any case. Exactly how, when and by whom the evidence was gathered may become critical. Palazzo Investigations Inc. has over 20 years of experience and training in the proper techniques of gathering and storing evidence. Back to top

Witness Statements:
Locating and interviewing of witnesses is often an absolute necessity. We provide the most detailed, in-depth interviews. Whether sworn, written or recorded, witness statements can often be used at a later time should the individual be unavailable to testify. There may be only one opportunity for the interview and experience is a must to obtain the information in great detail. Over the years, we have taken thousands of statements. Back to top

Database Searches:
Our background and experience has enabled us access to some of the most in-depth databases available. We can access information used by law enforcement and other government agency’s that is not available to the general public. A great amount of information can be obtained in a very short amount of time, thereby saving our clients money. Back to top

Skip Trace / Person Locator Service:
We are experts at locating people, whether they want to be found or not. With a lengthy law enforcement career, not finding someone is just not an option. Our ability to “think outside the box” has continued to bring outstanding results in locating people. Back to top

Employee Background Research:
Employers know that people are not always honest about their lives and will often say just about anything to get hired. Once hired, they are often placed into positions enabling for fraud and theft from their employer and co-workers. Companies will benefit by having an in-depth background investigation conducted which can include, financial history, education verification, work and residence history, neighbor interviews and criminal background checks. We can also provide expert court testimony if needed. Back to top

Loss Prevention: Shrinkage and loss of inventory can often be prevented with an on-site evaluation. We can conduct an access control and site survey, as well as a security evaluation of your business. We can also provide a “mystery shopper” or an undercover operative to work among your staff to detect theft and fraud operations occurring within your business. Back to top

Notary Service: As a Florida Notary Public, we can provide you with rapid response to your home or place of business to Notarize your important documents. In an investigation, being a Notary Public allows us to take “Sworn Statements” where the witness or individual can be placed under oath. A sworn statement can most often be used in a court of law should that person not be available to testify, or to impeach his/her testimony should they later change their story. Back to top

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